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Translator Certification Is A Boon When Seeking Jo

As a translator you want the ability to show your proficiency to potential employers easily and convincingly. One of the best ways to do this is to go through a translator certification association and receive documentation of your abilities. A potential employer has few things to go on when requesting your services. Whether you have a university degree or if you just want to give future clients peace of mind regarding your skill, a certification in translation is a good way to prove your knowledge of foreign languages. You should look into various associations and organizations depending on what area of translation you plan on entering.

For a translator, ability equals livelihood. There are several associations that provide testing for those seeking translator certification to prove their proficiency in a foreign language or languages. One of the most well known is the American Translators Association which provides both testing and benefits for membership. The ATA has chapters located throughout the nation and they offer discounted programs and services to their members. Annual conferences are held, there is a monthly magazine that is published 11 times per year and there are various divisions within the association for various languages as well as literary and medical divisions.

Translator Certification Can Improve Your Resume

The National Association Of Judiciary Translators And Interpreters offers translator certification that is essential for anyone planning to enter the field of translation in the nation's judiciary system. The legal system has a growing demand for competent translators. It is the NAJIT that assures that only the best representatives in the field of translation participate in the justice system. There are differences between translation and certification and this is noted within the NAJIT informational FAQ. "Native-like mastery" of a foreign language is the kind of proficiency expected from judiciary translators and interpreters.

Translator certification should be a major consideration for anyone entering into a translation career. The certification gives excellent proof of your skills as a translator. Even those with a university degree can benefit from the prestige given by certification through a national organization. You'll find local chapters and annual conferences held by the major associations prove very helpful as well as the benefits offered through these membership groups. In some cases translator certification is necessary, as in the judicial system. But in any case, it is a well appreciated addition to your resume.

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