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Translation Utilizing Babelfish - What To Expect

The worldwide web has opened up a world of information to Internet users, but understanding the myriad of languages isn't always easy. For internet-based translation, Babelfish from Alta Vista is the main website to which many people turn. For those unfamiliar with the service, Babelfish is a web-based translator that makes it simple to translate text and even whole websites into a person's native language. There is also a company known as Babel Fish that offers translation training, but don't confuse the two as one has nothing to do with the other.

You'd be surprised how often you're searching on the web, only to find exactly the term you're seaching for, but in another language. In order to get an instant translation, Babelfish is where many people turn. You can simply highlight, cut and paste text from a web page into the Babelfish text translator and get a simple translation of the text. However this translation is about as simplistic as it gets. Grammar and proverbial phrases are not taken into consideration. You will most likely get a jumble of words, but you should still be able to decipher the most pertinent information you need from it.

Translation: Babelfish Will Translate Text And Websites

For website translation, Babelfish provides similar translation to text translations. Except instead of cutting and pasting the whole web page, you can simply cut and paste the URL (the website address, ie. www.thewebpagetobetranslated.com). It usually only takes a few seconds before the entire website is translated and pops up on the screen. It doesn’t matter if the page uses Japanese, Chinese, Cyrillic or other character common with another language, Babelfish can translate it. But as with the text translations you won't get any grammatical translations of what you see. You will probably get a cursory understanding of what you're looking at however and be able to find sections and information that you're looking for.

The translation Babelfish offers continually improves as more languages and options are added. With more than ten of the most common worldwide languages and variations of those languages available for translation, you can get a lot out of using the Babelfish translation pages. Babelfish also offers plenty of resources for translation software, meta-dictionaries, software and web based translation services. Whether you just want to translate a letter from a friend that speaks another language or a website with some interesting informational references you can look to Babelfish to give you a window into the global language web.

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