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Perplexing Lingo Often Requires Translator Help

At some point in time, you're going to run into words that will leave you scratching your head. When you need a translator (lingo from the Net or the streets are enough to drive you bonkers), there's no better place to look than the good ol' World Wide Web. The Internet is home to an innumerable amount of dictionaries, translators and glossaries full of the answers to those questions you have about word meanings. But don't think it's just slang that the Net can help you decipher. Technical and foreign language are also covered by a growing number of websites that are ready to put you in the know about quirky language.

So why do you need a translator? Lingo on the Net is probably one of the top areas that leave many of those new to the Internet puzzled. While you may know that LOL means "Laugh Out Loud" and ROFL means "Rolling On Floor Laughing" others who've never been web surfers just don't know what in the world it all means. Even Net veterans can find new lingo like Leet speak perplexing. Remember the first time someone in chat typed "ROXORS" or "p0wned" and you didn't know what in the world it all meant? You may still not get it. Well that's what translators are for. (By the way, ROXORS is just another way of basically saying something rocks or is "cool". P0wned means to be beaten really badly, badly insulted, etc.)

Translator - Lingo Transformed Into Terms You Know

Those looking for technical terms often need a translator. Lingo within specific fields of science, medicine, or research study can be very complex. Even professionals need help with some of these not oft seen terms. Thankfully there are various Internet resources available for helping these individuals as well. You'll find that in some of these cases, translation companies will offer their services (for a fee) to help you decipher things not readily understood due to legalese or complexity of language.

If you don't understand foreign language, you will no doubt need a translator. Lingo and slang isn't translated well by web-based translators such as Babelfish. But if you just need a cursory understanding of text or a website then web-based translators can prove very effective. The Internet has a wealth of information no matter what kind of translation you're searching for. All that's really required is a PC, an Internet connection and a search engine or web portal to help you along your way.

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