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Translation Available On Websites For Net Users

At some point in time, nearly everyone needs a letter, text or a website translated while perusing the Internet. That's the reason translation websites are often sought out by Internet users surfing the Web. But the translation websites can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. Some people are just curious about foreign sites that pop up while doing a search. Others are attempting to learn languages and need dictionaries and other resources to figure out words. Still others may have received an email or letter from someone living in another country and want to know what it say if it's in another language. For all these situations, there are resources available on the Net.

First let's start with the Internet user that runs into a webpage with a search term their looking for, but it's in another language. Translation websites that offer complete web page translation will give you a cursory understanding of the information that the page contains. Babelfish is one of the most popular websites of this type. Don't expect complete or grammatically accurate translations from these kinds of websites though. You'll get a basic understanding of what's there but in many cases there will be words that will not be translated because they aren't in the website's system dictionary or whatever reason. There may also be odd translations because these websites don't take into consideration cultural slang or colloquialisms. In other words, "a stitch in time saves nine" wouldn't be translated into understandable terms for someone of a foreign language. It might be translated word for word and unless you already know the meaning, you're kind of out of luck.

Translation Websites Come In All Shapes And Sizes

Next let's look at translation websites that offer text translation. Babelfish and Langenberg offer this type of service as well as some others. But you may be better off getting an actual translation service to translate research information. If you're comfortable with just a basic translation of a letter or text from a foreign language to your native language or vice versa then these websites can be a tremendous help. Basically you just cut and paste the text into the translator's text box and the translation occurs almost instantly. You'll be able to see the results and read them in your own language.

There are also translation websites for students or hobbyists trying to find meta-dictionaries that can help them translate text on their own. These are quite prevalent and can be easily located just by using the search term "translation meta".

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