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Babblefish Makes Translator Search Mistake Ok

People looking for translation of information on the Internet don't always know where to turn. For many people looking for a web-based translator, Babblefish is the first thing that comes to mind. However this is usually a mistranslation of its own and they won't wind up quite where they expected. The actual search term they're looking for is Babelfish and it is one of the Net's premier websites for web-based text and website translation. But while you might think the story ends there, it doesn't. That's because the website that this misspelling leads to is actually a very good website for those looking for language information thanks to it's conscientious designers.

Finding translation information on the Web should be simple enough, but that isn't always the case. If you're looking for a translator, Babblefish is the place to go. Even though it is a misspelling of Babelfish, it actually has some very reliable resources available to those looking for web-based translations. In fact, it even has a place where you can enter text or website URLs and get a real Babelfish translation. You've got to give these guys credit because there are literally millions of website owners out there that completely take advantage of misspelled URLs since they know it's such a commonplace mistake that people make. These unscrupulous types take advantage of people and send them to places inappropriate for kids and adults. Not so with Babblefish. You actually get translation information if you somehow manage to wind up on their webpage.

Translator - Babblefish Or Babelfish Is There A Right Or Wrong?

Now if you enter the main URL looking for a translator, Babblefish isn't going to help you. This is a legitimate website/web portal that leads to information on web design. That is their main purpose. The problem is that they just happened to have a name so similar to the Babelfish name. There are two ways listed for the pronunciation of the word "Babel" one with a long a as in "pay" and the more common way which is with a short a as in "bat". Both ways are listed as correct in dictionaries. But the short a version sounds exactly like the word "babble", hence the confusion.

So if you need a translator, Babblefish and Babelfish are both good resources thanks to the great guys over at the Babblefish website. They aren't trying to steer you wrong, they just happen to be the victims of pronunciation in a way. Anyway, you won't lose anything by the misspelling. There is no direct link to the translation section on their website but if you happen to get to it via a search engine, why not drop them a thank you note for being stand up guys that aren't taking improper advantage of their situation.

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