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What Qualification Does A Translation Agency Need?

As the world goes global, language barriers are the only things separating the global community. When seeking out a translation service, the company's translation qualifications should be first and foremost in your mind. Insufficient skills in translating foreign languages can lead to serious consequences including lost business deals, communicating incorrect information and mistakes in legally binding forms. There's more to translating language than simply changing words from one language to another. There are grammatical, cultural and technically specific differences that can mean the difference between getting your point across and creating the wrong impression.

There are perhaps thousands of translation companies located throughout the country and on the Internet. So what is the best way to determine the translation qualifications of the ones you're considering? One of the best ways to begin is to look thoroughly at a company's website which usually details company information. Many companies gladly tout their years of experience, the skills they require of their employees and possibly any large clients or industries that they have worked with. You'll find that word of mouth; forums and newsgroups might provide a great deal of information. And if you’re interested in the company's business background you can always check with the Better Business Bureau's online version to see if there have been any unresolved complaints regarding the company.

Translation Qualifications Help Assure Your Satisfaction

One of the main translation qualifications that you should be looking for from a company or individual is experience. More experience usually means a better quality translation and when you're dealing with language in a business or even a personal setting, this is essential. Business applications of translation services are especially critical due to the often legal or sensitive nature of communications. Technical manuals and legal documents need specially trained and experienced translators to handle difficult localization and translation tasks.

Aside from experience, translation qualifications for a company or individual should include verifiable history, testimonials or other information that will let you know the kind of translations you can expect. You don't want to be in the unenviable position of discovering that a translation is wrong. Do your research and be sure that the company or translator is qualified to do the kind translation that your require. Some websites have pages dedicated to testimonials and their translation practices. Make sure that you examine this information carefully and ask questions if you have any uncertainties.

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